do u ever laugh bc

the bad law music video: released in june, 76k views
mr toot: released last night, 116k views

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“A year ago I would’ve never guessed life would be the way it is now.”
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  • me: i'm a tru fan!!!
  • me: respect their comedy above all!!!!
  • me: i don't really objectify them!!!!
  • me: wow vegard ylvisåker sure has a nice ass.... Nice.....
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    *clears throat* i wanna talk about Mr toot a little *clears throat again* 

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    Calle singing to Elvis Costello on IKMY September 30th and looking really damn fine

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    Calle and Elvis Costello on IKMY 30th of September

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    Vegard on IKMY September 30th

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