boating away from ur hate like

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you're amazing and every time i see you feeling down there's nothing i want more than to hug you but i admire you so much for being such a mature and intelligent person :)

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i was too late to film it <//////3 the only proof you’ll get is this

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never thought i’d witness a cat and fox fighting

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"Is there anyone you would choose to watch 24 hours live?"

For vixxe :)

Thank you, Stine! You’re an angel !!!

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What do you think about the knot-song?



I’m glad I waited to answer this, because I’ve listened to it non stop, and I’ve made up some opinions. I could just go “omggg its awesome i looove it”, but I wanna answer this properly.

First of all. Watching this during the taping. Was amazing. They have some screens up by the lights where the audience can watch the extra stuff, and I caught Bård glancing at audience a few times, kinda checking how people were reacting to their song, which was really cute. Also, THE SOUND. Fuck, listening to this afterwards was so different, because they had the volume on max in the theater, like full blown concert volume. The floor was vibrating! And it was just so fucking insane, I loved it!

So that was the live experience of it. Now over to the actual song. I don’t think fans should love everything unconditionally, you can be a fan and still critic stuff. I do love the song, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great song, and they definitely went in the right direction, going for that popular Avicii dance sound. I don’t actually like that kind of music, but I’m all for it when it has bullshit lyrics like this :D

But it’s not flawless. From the beginning I felt like something was missing. It took me about 137 repeats until I finally figured it out. It doesn’t have that random “surprise” element, like drive a civic, what about bacteria, suddenly you’re sucking on a cock. That random little “screw everything” sidetrack which makes people go “whaaat the hell just happened”. I miss it.

Also, since this is standard Stargate from beginning to end (which is not a bad thing, I love this cooperation!), I was kinda surprised about the lack of nitpicking when it comes to their diction. This was obviously written with an American audience in mind (bc lack of anything close to a swear word), so I think they should’ve corrected some small errors, like Vegard saying “ducking” instead of “docking”, and Bård’s “on every dance floor acwoss the world”. It’s not a big deal for me, and I guess some people can write it off as “Scandinavian charm”, but I also think this is something which would’ve been easy to fix, and improved the digestibility for many Ylvis-newbies.

Lastly, I think the whole random Youtube-tutorial thing was a bit weird. They could’ve come up with something better, it seemed a bit “cheapest solution” to me, or at least used less of it.

But other than that, it’s a fucking awesome song, and I really, really love it!

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