OKOKOK bc jana and other gay fellows forced me to—i’ll make another q&a video as those are making a comeback.

so feel free to ask me about ylvis, norway, FILMS, my interests and life and whatever u want or dont want to know or make me say—just give me love baby

i’ll try to record it some time soon xoxoxo lotsa luv ilu

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*friendly boner*


hey what were the songs that gave you the cesty feels?


major feels

(i think u meant this but there’s like a ton more that old man lmao)

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hey what were the songs that gave you the cesty feels?

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“Calle: To the new viewers, I’m a weekend dad and I visit my daughter maybe 15 times a year…
Vegard: Her name is Helge (weekend). Sorry…
Bård: By his own free wills…
Calle: It’s not my fault that the mother of my child left me!
Bård: Yes, it is…” — “Hvem vil ha denne” (via pawsinsnow)

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the latest of the fox comments

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Title: Kjære Vegard
Played: 306 times


Just a clip from O-Fag where (in the flow of describing the difference between the letter D in Icelandic and Sami) Bård calls Vegard “kjære Vegard” after which he seems to lose his train of thought and his tone of voice changes for a moment or maybe it’s just me (X)

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he turns only to find him already staring and his face so close he has to physically back up I’m done I love Norges Herligste so much

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