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Analyzing Ylvis: Little Brothers and Vocal Arrangements


Anyone discussing Ylvis’ music with me has suffered me going on and on about vocal arrangements. It’s easily the facet of their music that I’m most in awe of. My gospel choir roots have given me really deep appreciation for harmony and vocal arrangements, and Ylvis are…

for your sunday evening pleasure: 50 seconds of six different songs, and, uh, gay………ish bros. you’re welcome

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this is a video of me scrolling ylvislookingateachother while listening to frank sinatra: a sunday evening

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Ah yes, for sure! I agree. Money and pressure tends to be bad for creativity.


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greymatterinferno replied to your post “do you ever think about the fact that ‘work it’ was made in less than…”

what makes you think weeks? i figured all the new stargate-produced songs were done in one day, since studio time is expensive. (I agree ‘work it’ is superior, though!)

bad wording—exaggerating when writing not-so-clever posts is my worst habit—but i do think they’ve put “more thought” into these new songs than the old ones, considering the huge audience they now have, and the high production value.

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okay so iamnotababypenguin made a post (x) in response to my posts about the Pimpercrombie thing and i feel like i need to respond to some of the points raised in it

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